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the Property Owner’s Network is a real estate brokerage in Colorado.  It specializes in helping both buyers buy and sellers sell their homes quickly.  Note that we aren’t saying “…and easily.”  Its never easy.  That’s why you need us!  

Paul Hill is a licensed real estate broker in Colorado with over 30 years experience in real estate, insurance, and software.  He can help expedite your selling or buying situation by the application of expertise and experience to your own unique circumstances.


Paul kept us informed every step of the way. Some of the "new" financing rules are crazy so it was wonderful to have Paul explain them. Paul was most importantly the only realtor that showed our house and sold it! 

Thu, May 30, 2013-- from Kari, former owner of 807 Tracey Parkwkay, Fort Collins


Buying a home in today's market can be frustrating!  As your representative, I look out for your interests, not the seller's.  At no cost to you, I will find the best property that fits your requirements for the lowest possible price in the least amount of time.

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How Do You Choose a Broker?


A recent survey (2012) by the National Association of Realtors found that the "most important factors when choosing an agent" begin with that person being honest and trustworthy (24%).  Second was their reputation (21%); a friend or family member next (15%); their knowledge of the neighborhood, fourth (12%).  The remaining factors were all in the single digits, including the agent's affiliation with a particular firm (surprisingly, only 3%!).

How can I convince you of my honesty and integrity?  Unfortunately, there are no objective ratings I can point you to.  You can ask my dog, but frankly I'm not half the person he thinks I am.  But I can tell you I won't tell you anything you want to hear unless its true.  Honest.  And you can trust that I'll stay with you right to the closing table... 


Paul Hill, Owner/Managing Broker
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